About The Palate

Hi, my name is Sarah C. Schafer

When did you start cooking?

I started cooking as soon as I was able to reach the stovetop. With a stool. Nothing gourmet at that point, but I liked making my food by myself since I can prepare it exactly how I like it. My rationale has not changed since.

When did you become gluten-free?

I’ve been diagnosed with IBS since seventh grade. It took me a while to realize that IBS is a medical term for “You-have-nonspecific-stomach-issues-don’t-really-know-what-so-here’s-some-laxatives-to-take-for-the-rest-of-your-life-okay-bye!”

I became fed up pretty quickly with that treatment. I didn’t want my body to become reliant on something unnatural. “My body could work by itself,” I said. I was (am) pretty pretentious, but it worked in my favor.

I investigated on the natural approach and it led to a gluten-free diet. In case you are wondering, I have tried to eat wheat recently and it didn’t go too well. Like, disastrously not well.

I’ve also cut dairy from my diet when I began developing issues that stopped a few days after being off of it.

What is your best kitchen memory?

It’s ironic that my best kitchen memory didn’t happen in my own kitchen. I was baking for a high school event with two of my best friends, all desserts. Nothing beats the chaos of three people trying to bake for over 200 people! We sang and harmonized the entire time with intermissions of “Where’s the baking soda?” and “Somebody check the oven!”

By the event, I snuck around the tables to see which goods the people were eating. There was another baking team that contributed food. And guess what? They had much more leftovers than us. The consumers have spoken.

What was your worst kitchen experience?

What is a bad kitchen experience? If it’s in the kitchen, it can’t be bad. Even if I need to dump out an entire cake batter because it tastes awful, there’s an important lesson to be learned. How can you succeed if you never make mistakes?

What is your favorite spice?

Cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, cayenne, and garlic. Be on the lookout for these! I also like basil, dill, and parsley, especially since we grow them fresh in the summer. Oh, mint is great too… This is a complicated question. Next!

What is your goal with this blog?

Simply put, to share all of my kitchen adventures with you! I believe that health is a journey and good food is the best medicine. In order to have an optimally functioning car, we need top-quality fuel. Otherwise, the car will stutter and smoke. It’s not the car at fault.

We were given the tools to fulfill our purpose in this world and enjoy the gifts that come with life. It is hard to see beauty when the body is faltering.  Taking care of our health is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves and those around us.

I want to share food for thought, health, and taste with you and your family.

I appreciate you coming to my site.